We have scanned for:

Architects; attorneys; developers; landscape architects; engineers; geotechnical engineers; utility companies; homeowners and other surveyors for a wide variety of surveys.

Some of our services include:

Boundary disputes; condominium conversions; landslides; as-builts; parcel maps; school projects; ADA compliance; line of sight analysis; floodway determination; volumes; historic preservation; ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys; construction conforms; and even an art installation.


At PacificHDS we believe that every job can benefit from scanning. Where there is hardscape, improvements or traffic there is no better, or safer, survey tool than HDS.

The practice of mapping fixed features on the surface of the earth is a part of the definition of land surveying. Although scanning can be performed by anyone willing to invest in the technology, it is the understanding of the fundamentals of surveying, the measuring of angles and distances, together with the comprehension of error theory and survey loop adjustments, that only a professional land surveyor provides. This ensures your scan data will be correct the first time.

PacificHDS is dedicated to serving our clients with the most appropriate technology to get the job done. We often use a hybrid of HDS, conventional surveying and GPS in order to achieve your goals in the most productive and timely manner.

Scope and Deliverables

With our experience we are able to collaborate with the client and begin each project with a clear and precise scope. We believe that this is the key to achieving the ultimate goal of providing the most useful product for the success of their project. The deliverables that come from surveying by HDS are specifically crafted to work with a multitude of software and in many file formats. Each of our project examples list exactly what was delivered and in which format.

Scanning is just a tool, the most basic tool for us. From the point cloud collected by scanning we can extract numerous levels of information depending on the scope and deliverables. Each project is different, each deliverable is customizable. One of the biggest assets of scanning is that everything is collected on the one-time event of field scanning.