We were recently contacted by Provost & Prichard who asked us to scan a troublesome hillside that continues to move. The heavy rains of winter had loosened a portion of the hillside which slid into the dam itself.

The real danger was that a larger portion of the hill was creeping and large boulders continue to break loose and free fall down the extremely steep slope. At the bottom resides the hydroelectric plant where the boulders eventually rest. Many of these rocks are large enough to destroy a truck and one actually landed in the trailer office.

To add to the excitement, the power plant was constructed on an old snake pit and construction drove them out into the hill. Workers at the plant often find rattlesnakes downstairs in their office space.

PacificHDS spent two days scanning over 18 acres of the hillside slope. With the amount of area to cover and the rocky nature of the surface, along with the heavy population of snakes, we were challenged. Provost & Prichard's Tim Odom, PLS established project control, tied together all the scanning control and provided fill in data where tall grass prevented scanning.

Our final deliverables were the point cloud and a DTM surface that was prepared from over 10,000 hand picked points from the cloud. This was the first scan of the site which created a baseline upon which all future measurements can be made.