ADA Compliance

PacificHDS provides scanning services to easily identify the slightest of slopes with quick grade checks and even more rapid visual analysis.

Traditional surveys of a typical ADA ramp may include up to 20 survey points. With HDS, one 3 minute scan will provide thousands of points of data. From that group of points we hand select about 200-300 points to create a digital terrain model (DTM) that accurately reflects the exact conditions (pluls or minus one-tenth of a foot).

ADA standards changed again on January 1st of this year.  Because of this, a new organization was formed by the Office of the State Architect in order to provide the public with certified specialists who can help with the changing state and federal disabled access standards (

With PacificHDS scan data behind you, compliance is quickly and easily determined.

Projects and Deliverables

Roseville - Two days of scanning produced over 800 million points of data. Scope of services include mapping mulitiple areas of ADA access from parking lots to medical facilities. Provide two-tenth contour maps with XML surfaces and point database along with 3D linework for use in AutoCAD Civil3D.

Deliverables Included: XML file of surfaces; CAD file with TIN lines; 3D breaklines of curb and ramp features; one-tenth contour mapping; PNEZD.TXT file for collected survey points..

Oakland - Two hours of scanning produced over 25 million points of data. Scope of services include mapping exising ADA access and parking facilities along with mapping of potential areas to adapt for future access.

Deliverables Included: XML file of surface; CAD file with TIN lines and 2D features; PNEZD.TXT file of collected survey points; survey control.